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Aren’t All Prospecting Databases the Same?

Yes, Except for the Data Coverage, User Experience,
Quality, and Price

Infotelligent founders know that the experience of
purchasing, using and benefiting from the purchased
prospect data can be frustrating. We started Infotelligent
so that it does not have to be that way anymore!

If you don’t love your current experience with the data provider,
don’t feel pressured to stick with them.
Evaluate Infotelligent - your next best alternative.

Price-to-Value Ratio

You get what you pay for? Yes, except while purchasing prospect data it’s easy to overpay.

We don’t force you to buy what you don’t need.
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Guaranteed Accuracy

We stand behind our contact data accuracy – for every contact you report with data issues you get credits for two new contacts.

We Fix It. We Thank You.

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Stellar Support

Our Customer Support team is always available to answer your questions and keep your growth goals on track.

Chat with us using in-app messaging for onshore support during the U.S. office hours.

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Infotelligent comes with out-of-the-box seamless implementation with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and more.

We are constantly adding new integrations: ask us about integration with your favorite tool.

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ABM Enhancement

Our comprehensive set of tools for target list supplementation and look-alike modelling enable your ABM strategy so that you can successfully personalize campaigns, at scale.

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Data Enrichment

Automatically supplement the missing fields in your B2B database with attributes from our extensive collection of highly-vetted accounts and contacts.

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Purchase Intent Included

Want to get straight to the accounts
that are researching what you sell?

We offer to our customers the best third-party behavioral data powered by Bombora that’s been consistently used as the de facto standard of content consumption by accounts and decision-makers.

The best part about it - no extra charge!
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Maximize the reach of your campaigns;
personalize, segment, win.

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