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Marketing &
Demand Generation

Keep your pipeline filled with Infotelligent’s
timely, accurate data powering better
campaigns for maximum growth.

With our specialized B2B marketing and demand generation intelligence and tools, we give you the level of detail it takes to effectively segment target prospect lists, customize the perfect message, and align sales and marketing for drastic conversion rates.

Take Aim with Perfect Data

Precision marketing tactics demand nothing short of data perfection at every step—from the top of the funnel, down to signing the contract, we’ll clean and supplement your data with the most current business contact data available anywhere.

Upload a company match list and identify your key decision makers with a clear path to reach them.

Seeing Opportunities (Everywhere)

It doesn’t matter the goal of your next campaign – whether that’s finding leads for the funnel or sales prospects in the pipeline.

With our comprehensive data-driven insights, everyone is your next potential customer. Target companies like your current best clients and deliver winning proposals by continuing to execute what your company already does best.

ABM: It’s Time to Get Personal

With a complete picture of your target accounts you’ll unleash the full power of personalization in your ABM campaigns to propel conversions and your ROI. Narrow the field to only the best prospects with complete profiles, verified phone numbers and email addresses, and more.

Converting Lists
into “Listed Assets”

Clean, supplement, and enrich your target lists with opportunities that match your ideal customer profile across Infotelligent’s 23 firmographic dimensions with the confidence provided by our guaranteed data accuracy.

Put your proposals in front of decision makers that want and need your product, now.

Put your proposals in front of decision makers that want and need your product, now.