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Bad Prospect Data is Bad for Business.
Have you cleaned up your CRM data
in the past year?

Over 30% of the data in your database decays each year
– Informatica

Why accept 30% bad Prospect Data?

Don’t settle for the 30% wrong data.

Try Infotelligent
Infotelligent contact data lookup by company size and revenue

Infotelligent has over 400 people
who verify and validate our data

After machine processing, we sample our data
to identify inaccuracies and improve our algorithms through online and phone verification performed
by 400+ human data quality specialists.

Intelligence to find the right targets

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Model new target lists that match
your best clients by size, revenue,
industry, and so much more.

ABM Strategy Support

Upload your target accounts list and our
business contact finder will do the rest.
We give you a complete insight into the
decision-makers behind your opportunity for
better account-based marketing campaigns.

Our visual reporting tools make it easy to see
your results right there and then.

Key Differentiating Features of Infotelligent

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tracks 7,500+ installed technology products, enabling
segmentation by technographics and making your
prospecting efforts more productive.

Technotelligent company search by technology platform capture

is no longer purchased or sold as a stand-alone solution.
It’s likely that your prospects assess your offer in part
based on compatibility with their existing “tech stack.”

Select accounts for your target segments whose
existing tech infrastructure is compatible with your
products or services.

Find Accounts with Installed Competitor Products for a Competitive Displacement Campaign

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provides you with the best-in-class online behavior
and website engagement powered by Bombora.

While other providers

charge you an arm-and-leg for the data that gives you
the edge on top of your subscription – we include it –
for FREE!

Intentelligent company info lookup by topics platform capture
30-50% of deals

go to the rep who called the prospect first. Jet to the
accounts that are most ready to buy, be the first to call.

Build a target list of accounts who recently expressed
interest and follow-up fast, or your competitors will!

Tilt the Scale in Your Favor – Use the Insight
Your Competition Does Not Have

Salesforce, HubSpot & Zoho integrations

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Infotelligent seamlessly connects to Salesforce, Hubspot,
Zoho, and more. Enrich your CRM with the latest business
contact information from Infotelligent, supercharging
your reach and streamlining your workdays.

We integrate your CRM or can custom-integrate
before the ink dries on our contract

Your job requires you to prospect on many sites and find/convert leads?

Find and reach your prospects instantly with WEBtelligent – our
Free Chrome Extension and start with 5 Free contacts per day.

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