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Assembling the team

Our entrepreneurs go through rigorous testing and evaluation to determine their place in our team profile. Cultivating people who believe in radical transparency and openness is very important to us, as we believe this synergy creates efficient results.

Ideation Stage

We come from all walks of life with various disciplinary backgrounds, which is what makes us unique. Every entrepreneur gets inspiration from different places, so the ideation stage is open to creative exploration. We turn inspiration into business ideas here.

Filtering the good from the bad

Using selected objective frameworks, we assess ideas as a team to accelerate our decision making. These frameworks include primary market research, business mapping, prototyping, and customer feedback to understand the idea’s potential.

Reviewing, Building, Running

Based on objective evaluations, we will review the outcome and decide if we want to invest in the project. If successful, ideas will go into building and running stages where entrepreneurs will get access to resources they need.

Failing Fast

At The Creative Square, we know that failure is an inevitable part of being an entrepreneur. We understand that failing is a great way to learn. Everything is recorded systematically so we can learn from our mistakes quickly and move on.