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We’re not an ordinary startup.

Don’t expect us to be your typical accelerator or incubator.
We understand that it is sometimes necessary to fail before you succeed, which is why we believe in experimentation. At the same time, we see working within constraints as the perfect way to breed creativity.

Our Culture

We’re a team of entrepreneurs who come from vastly different backgrounds and disciplines, which is what makes us special. What makes us work is a mutual respect for radical transparency, openness, and curiosity that propels us forward quickly. We actively pursue a higher understanding of how the world works which enables self-improvement along the way.

We call him ‘M’

Muwaffaq ‘M’ Salti, is the owner and founder of The Creative Square Company.
M is the driving force behind TCS who consistently pushes us to raise the bar of high standards. His main interests include technology and innovation, economics and trading.
Along with running TCS, M is also the group CEO of his commodities trading firm, with offices in London, Singapore, and New Jersey. He currently resides in Singapore with his family.